Friday, February 10, 2012

Lottery Enchantment: 2012 Week 6

Ah, the sweet smell of money.  Well, the sweet dream of the smell of money anyway.  The lottery drawing this weekend is for more than $310 million, and one of my co-workers has got us all charged up about buying tickets as a group.  I’m in, no question about that.  It seems to me that we’ve got better chances of winning if we buy 10 or more tickets a time.  I am not greedy.  To win a jackpot and split it multiple ways would be a wonderful thing. All the nicer if I know the people I’m splitting with! 

So let’s say we got a lump sum of $193 million to split up.  There are twelve of us are in, so that’s about $16 million each before more taxes.  I don’t know how much more they take, 30%?  That’s still almost $11 million each.  I could so easily live with that.  I would quit working, of course, and so would my husband.  What would we do?  Yes, yes, the usual stuff, like pay bills, give some away, and invest.  Here’s my list of what else I would do.

Build a roller skating rink.  Maybe out by the aquatic center, so kids can ride their bikes to get there.  It would have great food and an amazing game room in it.  Two nights a week would be just for private party rentals.  

Open a used bookstore on the main street in town, with lots of comfy chairs and couches and low tables.  I might open a coffee/tea and snack shop next door to it, connected by a giant window.  It would be OK to sit down and drink a coffee and read for awhile.

Build a Girl Scout troop house.  It would have rooms and craft tables so that our local troops could have their meetings there.   It would also be big enough to be equipped with bunks for sleepovers, bathrooms and showers, a full kitchen, a fireplace and lots of outdoor space for tenting, and a fire ring.


Last, I would buy into a Waffle House franchise and open one outside of town along the highway. 

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