Sunday, February 19, 2012

Absurdities and Being Bitchy: 2012 Week 7

I guess I've just been really bitchy all week.

One person I know, who was NOT overweight or even heavy to begin with, has lost so much more weight now that her thighs don't even touch, yet she complains about needing to work out and how she's hungry all the time.  She made a comment one day that didn't we all think that the Duchess of Cambridge should just eat a sandwich.  To which several of us replied, you should talk.  She was stunned.  She can't believe that she's as skinny as the D of C.  It makes me sad for her, but also I'm just tired of hearing her eating and exercising drama.

One of my coworkers has installed a light shield above her cube.  It's ugly and kind of stupid, considering we don't sit under glaringly harsh lights.  This picture is what the shield looks like, not what our office looks like. 

The cube in question is already dark, and most of the lights above have been removed.  It's like the black hole of Calcutta over there and still not dark enough for her.  Plus it looks dumb sticking up above all the other cubes, like some kind of half-constructed black pyramid.  Fortunately, I sit kitty-cornered and get a really good view of it all day.  She's talking about buying another one so that she'll have the full pyramid effect.  Good news, the company is paying for it.  Whatever.

The icing on the cake is at church I got chewed out for running out of sticker name tags at our welcome table AND then for not cutting them apart off the sheet.  They print 8-up on a sheet, and each sticker peels off, but this person read me the riot for it because people won't use a sticker that they have to peel off the sheet themselves -- they have to be cut into individual stickers that people can pick up and peel off.  What the fuck?!  Seriously?  Despite my disbelief and several other comments that came to mind I just said, OK, thanks. I also got reminded for the 'teenth time how we've always done it and "we used to do it."  Well sorry I haven't been around for 100 years like you have, and sorry I don't give a shit about peeling a sticker off a sheet like you obviously do. 

So much room for my personal improvement . . . so little motivation.


  1. Sorry, but can I ... LOL? ... at least about the church lady. Yup, so many possible comebacks.

    1. I can laugh about it now too, and funny thing, church lady is a church man!

    2. Wow. Guess I proved the premise of reading my own bias right into that...sorry. I had to reread a couple of times just to prove I had made the gender up in my head. Sad, for me. Now what church man might that have been!?

  2. fuck 'em all - - you ain't being bitchy - - you just being real!!! love you sista!