Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Oh joy, the season of debt and religious contention is upon us!  I’m grouchy today.  My sweater is too tight, and now that it’s too late I’ve realized that this necklace is the one that turns my neck green.  Really, it’s ridiculous but true. 

My husband tells me that our bank account is teetering on the brink this week since the mortgage is due, and I wanted to buy a Christmas tree.  Put that on hold for now.  Good thing I didn’t splurge on tights and leggings at the Kmart last night.  I’m meeting a friend for coffee this week to do a planning session for the Heretics & Spirituality discussion group.  I will use my credit card to buy coffee and also to get a couple of grocery items tonight.

I’ve already received the first of what will no doubt be way too many Jesus-is-the-reason-for-the-season and keep-Christ-in-Christmas messages.  I shouldn’t get annoyed, but I can’t help it.  If you ignore historical facts and choose to believe a series of fictions, don’t expect me to play along, and please don’t interpret my lack of comment as agreement with you either. 

My sweater is tight because I’m chubby, but it’s a nice green with a V neckline.
I’m chubby because I have plenty to eat, indulge too much and exercise too little.
My necklace is a locket that opens.  Inside is a little Thai Buddha. 
My husband loves me and our daughter, and he pays careful attention to bill paying and account levels and due dates.
We have a warm, comfortable house, and the mortgage is necessary. 
I have a lot of family who think of me not just at the holidays but all year-round.
I have friends who share my beliefs and are interested in my ideas and opinions.
If I don’t go to the store we still have plenty of food to eat at home.

I’m not ready to retract my humbug entirely, but I have softened it to hum.  It’s just a little step now to    om mani padme hum.


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  2. I'm at the humbu status - just shaved off the G a bit - hopefully seeing you this weekend will help us both. I am just feeling very apathetic, under appreciated, and wanna crawl under the covers forever. . . or for awhile.