Sunday, September 18, 2011


A man came into the Fellowship tonight while the Mindfulness group was meditating.  He waited until we were done. 

He held a red ball cap.
His wife divorced him.
He has a baby boy named Marcus.
He has a rash on his leg and needs medicine.
He used to be a farmer.
He wore a brown jacket and blue jeans.
He was working recently setting up event tents.
He drives a red, small car.
He is trying to sell his tractor.
He needs to wash his clothes.
He asked for money.
He asked for $14.

We tried to refer him to other resources.  We suggested he come back tomorrow when our office staff are here and may be able to help.

He needs salve for his leg.
His tractor may bring $18,000.
His wife took $480,000 when she left.
His baby boy was born at the end of August.
He asked for money at other churches.
He says he'll go get his family when his tractor sells.
He said good Christian people ought to be able to help.
He asked for $14 to do his laundry.

I had money in my car but not with me inside.  I was uncomfortable and unsure what to do.  Someone else talked with him awhile more, and then he left without money.  I watched him drive away in his small, red car.  I feel ashamed of myself now.  I could have given him something.  I should not have felt uncomfortable or uncertain, but I did.  I could have given him $14.  What difference would it have made?

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