Thursday, May 19, 2011

Books I've Read So Far This Year

Just thought it'd be fun to review the books I've read so far this year, maybe throw in a favorite quote from each.  In order, starting in January . . .

 "The human factor takes many different forms though . . . It's what drives someone to do something they would never have done in any other situation."

"You are my creator, but I am your master."
the Monster

"I shall cut off her head and fill her mouth with garlic, and I shall drive a stake through her body."
Van Helsing

"All this had always been and he had never seen it; he was never present. Now he was present and belonged to it."

"Moth shadows beat an ever-changing tattoo across the faces of Christ, Buddha, Amen-Ra."

"The figures looked more or less human. And they were engaged in religion. You could tell by the knives (it's not murder if you do it for a god)."


“You're not one of us.”
"I don't think I'm one of them, either," said Brutha. "I'm one of mine." 

"Of course, just because we've heard a spine-chilling, blood-curdling scream of the sort to make your very marrow freeze in your bones doesn't automatically mean there's anything wrong."

Books I'm currently reading:

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